UPDATE: We are pleased to announce that a number of new books have been added to the RRL. Look out for the 'NEW' symbol! *

What is the RRL?


What is the Kumon Recommended Reading List?

The Kumon Recommended Reading List (RRL) is a list of 380 books intended to help Kumon students find books that they will enjoy reading, and to encourage them to read books from a wide range of genres and styles.


How are the Books Chosen?

The books on the RRL have been selected because they are popular, award winning, or recognised literary classics.


How are the Books Arranged?

The books are divided into twelve sections, broadly corresponding to the levels of the Kumon English Programme. Like the Kumon worksheets, the RRL is designed so that each student can start reading books at a comfortable level and progress, step by step, to those that are more difficult. Each title includes a short blurb to help students choose books.


Read Together

This section was created for children who haven’t started reading independently yet. The fifty books were selected because they are particularly suited to being read aloud to children, with the simplest at number one.


Level 2A to Level I

The thirty books in each level from Level 2A to Level I are listed in order of difficulty, with the easiest at number one. For Level D and above, genre icons are included to help readers navigate the list.


Further Reading

These thirty books are recommended for more confident, mature readers. They include classics and seminal works from a range of genres and periods, and are listed in order of difficulty.


A Wide Range of Books for a Wide Range of Readers!

The RRL contains something for everyone. Each level includes books aimed at younger readers, as well as books more suited to older, more mature readers. Not every book will be appropriate for every student, but everyone will find something he or she will enjoy!

* Please note that the implementation date for the revised RRL varies between regions. Both the latest edition and the 2017 edition are available on the 'Download the RRL' page.

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