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Level E

The Boy at the Back of the Class 
  Onjali Q Raúf
The class can't wait to befriend the new boy, Ahmet. The more they learn about Ahmet's life as a refugee, the more they want to help . . . but how? Contains some upsetting scenes.

Varjak Paw  
  S F Said
An action-packed mix of mystery and martial arts. Varjak, a pedigree cat, must venture ‘Outside’, face gangs of cats and solve the mystery of the Vanishings in a battle to save his family.

Charlotte's Web  
  E B White
When Wilbur the pig learns what is about to happen to him, Charlotte the spider comes to his rescue. A wonderful, humorous book.

Castle Diary  
  Richard Platt and Chris Riddell
A fascinating look at life in a thirteenth-century English castle through the eyes of young page Tobias Burgess.

Island of the Blue Dolphins  
  Scott O'Dell
A young girl has to learn to fend for herself after being stranded on an island. Based on a true story.

The Wizard of Oz  
  L Frank Baum
A tornado sweeps Dorothy to the magical Land of Oz, where she and Toto meet the Lion, the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow. But only the Wizard can get her home.

Anne of Green Gables  
  L M Montgomery
When Anne arrives at Green Gables, the Cuthberts are disappointed that she is not the boy they expected. But Anne’s bubbliness and imaginative character soon win them over.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory  
  Roald Dahl
Young Charlie wins a chance to visit the famous Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, beginning a hilarious adventure.

Harriet the Spy  
  Louise Fitzhugh
Harriet spies on people and writes about them in her secret notebook. When her classmates find the book and read it aloud Harriet finds herself a lonely outcast.

Maniac Magee  
  Jerry Spinelli
Maniac Magee doesn’t have a home, but his amazing antics are enough to make him a local legend.

Journey to the River Sea  
  Eva Ibbotson
A breathtaking adventure story about Maia, an orphan, who is sent to live with grumpy relatives in the wild Amazon rainforest.

Walk Two Moons  
  Sharon Creech
Thirteen-year-old Salamanca travels across America to find her mother in this excellent, touching and amusing story.

Quest for the Tree Kangaroo (Scientists in the Field)
  Sy Montgomery and Nic Bishop
In the remote cloud forests of Papua New Guinea there lives an extraordinary kangaroo that looks like a bear and climbs like a monkey! Explore its world through the eyes of two scientists in the field.

Artemis Fowl  
  Eoin Colfer
Twelve-year-old criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl kidnaps a fairy to get his hands on fairy gold, but the LEPrecon police squad are out to foil his plan.

The Borrowers  
  Mary Norton
Lost anything recently? Perhaps it has been borrowed. Under the grandfather clock, behind the wainscot there’s a hole where someone tiny lives. Meet Pod, Homily and Arriety.

Odious Oceans (Horrible Geography)  
  Anita Ganeri
A book for those interested in everything over, on, in and under the sea. You’ll be amazed! You’ll certainly be amused!

Seven Little Australians  
  Ethel Turner
When one of the mischievous Woolcot children’s pranks goes too far, wild Judy gets sent away to school and everything starts to change.

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase  
  Joan Aiken
Winter wolves and a wicked governess’s dastardly dealings test tough Bonnie and sickly Sylvia in this action-packed adventure set in a Britain where not everything is as it seems.

Bridge to Terabithia  
  Katherine Paterson
Jess and his new friend Leslie create a secret place where they are king and queen. But tragedy is around the corner. (May not be suitable for younger readers.)

The Sign of the Beaver  
  Elizabeth George Speare
An excellent story of survival, friendship and difficult choices made in the American wilderness.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone*  
  J K Rowling

The book that began the incredibly popular series is a brilliant, funny story that introduces us to the amazing boy magician.

*Also titled Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

River Boy  
  Tim Bowler
Jess’s grandfather is dying, but he refuses to go to hospital until he finishes his final painting; a painting which leads to an amazing encounter in this touching, supernatural tale.

Tom's Midnight Garden  
  Philippa Pearce
Tom thinks that staying with his aunt and uncle will be boring, until the clock strikes thirteen and a magical adventure begins.

The Phoenix and the Carpet  
  E Nesbit
Wrapped in the new nursery carpet the children find a very special egg. This is a fantastic adventure featuring flying carpets and mythical beasts.

Black Beauty  
  Anna Sewell
A dramatic and heart-warming tale with a difference, as the horse tells the story.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (The Chronicles of Narnia)  
  C S Lewis
A classic tale following the adventures of Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy in the wintry land through the wardrobe.

Would the Real Stanley Carrot Please Stand Up?
  Rob Stevens
On his thirteenth birthday Stanley receives a card from his birth mother. She wants to meet him, but how can he impress her? (May not be suitable for younger readers.)

Little House in the Big Woods  
  Laura Ingalls Wilder
This great set of stories, based on the author’s own childhood, provides a fascinating insight into what living in the wilds of nineteenth-century America was like.

George's Secret Key to the Universe  
  Lucy Hawking and Stephen Hawking
George’s scientist neighbour has an amazing computer that can transport a person to any point in the universe. But someone else wants it and is willing to do nearly anything to get it.

  Mal Peet
Fresh from his team’s recent World Cup victory, El Gato, the world’s greatest goalkeeper, reveals the very strange, supernatural origins of his sporting success.

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