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Level B

Mr Archimedes' Bath  
  Pamela Allen

When Mr Archimedes jumps in the bath lots of water splashes out, and he can’t work out why. Maybe his animal friends can help him.

The Elves and the Shoemaker  
  Vera Southgate

The shoemaker and his wife are really poor, so two little elf friends decide to make fantastic shoes for them to sell.

  Martin Jenkins and Vicky White

Orangutans, gorillas, bonobos and chimps – you’ll find out lots about them in this brilliant book.

  David McKee

Elmer is a very colourful elephant, but one day he decides he doesn’t want to be different any more. Will he be happier?

Van Gogh and the Sunflowers*  
  Laurence Anholt


A new person comes to stay in Camille’s town. He’s got a strange beard and loves painting. His name is Vincent van Gogh.

*Also titled Camille and the Sunflowers

Where the Forest Meets the Sea  
  Jeannie Baker

A young boy follows a stream into an Australian rainforest and discovers all kinds of wonderful things.

Dear Tooth Fairy  
  Alan Durant and Vanessa Cabban

When Holly’s tooth falls out she knows that she should give it to the Tooth Fairy, but before she does so she wants to know a few things about fairy life.

  Anthony Browne

Looking at animals in cages can be boring. Thankfully monkey hats, burgers and Dad’s weird sense of humour help make the day an interesting one.

One Snowy Night: A Tale from Percy's Park  
  Nick Butterworth

Percy the park keeper has a cosy little house. So cosy, in fact, that all the park animals want to spend the night there!

Amazing Grace
  Mary Hoffman and Caroline Binch

The school play is coming up, and Grace really wants to play Peter Pan. Will she be able to realise her dream?

Curious George's First Day of School  
  Margret Rey and H A Rey

George is enjoying mixing paints into many colours . . . and a big mess! How will he clean it up? A mischevious tale from our favourite monkey.

It Might Be an Apple  
  Shinsuke Yoshitake

What's this on the counter? It might be an apple . . . but then again, it might be something else entirely! A fun exploration of the power of imagination.

  Bob Graham

Max’s whole family are superheroes, and even though he can walk and talk Max still can’t fly. His parents are getting worried!

The Koala Who Could  
  Rachel Bright and Jim Field

A feel-good rhyming tale about Kevin the Koala facing his fears and trying new things. Forced to take a leap, Kevin finds that change might be exciting after all!

Big Blue Whale  
  Nicola Davies  and Nick Maland

An informative and brilliantly illustrated look at blue whales, with plenty of fun facts and explanations.

The Incredible Book Eating Boy  
  Oliver Jeffers

Books are meant for reading, not eating. But for Henry the more books he eats the cleverer he gets.

Baby Brains  
  Simon James

Meet Baby Brains, the world’s cleverest child. Although he can fix your car and give you a medical check-up, a space mission might be one giant leap too far.

The Giant Jam Sandwich  
  John Vernon Lord and Janet Burroway

What’s the best way to get rid of a swarm of wasps? Make a giant jam sandwich, of course!

The 13-Storey Treehouse  
  Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton

Follow the fantastical adventures Andy and Terry experience in their thirteen-storey treehouse, complete with shark tank, underground laboratory, self-making beds and more!

Mr Tickle  
  Roger Hargreaves

Mr Tickle has fabulously long arms, and hands that are perfect for…tickling!

006 and a Bit  
  Kes Gray and Nick Sharratt

Daisy becomes a spy, but can’t find anyone who understands her secret spy code.

Valley of the Dinosaurs* (Magic Tree House)  
  Mary Pope Osborne


Jack and Annie find a magic tree house that takes them to the time of the dinosaurs. Will they be able to make it home safely?

*Also titled Dinosaurs Before Dark

  John Burningham

Borka the goose has no feathers, so her mum knits her a jumper. But when all the other geese fly south for the winter, what will Borka do?

The Little House  
  Virginia Lee Burton

The Little House enjoys living in the country, but when new roads are built she gets swallowed up by the big city.

The Dinosaur's Packed Lunch  
  Jacqueline Wilson and Nick Sharratt

Dinah thinks life is pretty boring and wishes she had a mum to make her a packed lunch. She gets her wish – kind of – with a lot more besides.

Thomas the Tank Engine (The Railway Series)  
  Rev W Awdry

Thomas is a cheeky little train who really wants to impress. If he works hard enough maybe he will be given his own line.

Living With Vampires  
  Jeremy Strong

Kevin has a big problem: his parents are vampires! Making sure they don’t do anything too gruesome is a full-time job.

Flat Stanley  
  Jeff Brown

Stanley Lambchop has been squashed flat! He soon discovers that being pancake-thin can be very useful indeed.

Meerkat Mail  
  Emily Gravett

A meerkat gets itchy feet and decides to spend some time abroad with his cousins.

Tashi and the Giants  
  Anna FienbergBarbara Fienberg and Kim Gamble

Tashi loves telling stories, especially when giants and bloodthirsty bandits are involved.

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